What is a Resin Driveway

A Resin Bound Driveway is a mix of natural aggregates which have been placed into a resin compound. This is one of the most permeable driving surfaces on the market as the gap between the aggregate materials is not closed. Once the installation has been completed, our resin driveways will look fantastic.

There are many benefits to installing a resin bound drive. The first benefit is that they will look great for many years and require little maintenance. Our resin driveways are an ideal solution as water can drain through the surface into the ground. This driveway type does not require planning permission.

Natural Plant Resin

Natural plant resin is constructed from natural plant resins and stones which will be blended with a catalyst which changes the material's composition.

No Need for Planning Permission

A driveway that is compliant with SuDS offers a substitute for channelling rainwater into the drainage system. Water will flow under the ground as if there was no driveway surface on top. Our resin bound driveways are SuDS compliant and do not need planning permission. 

Why a Resin Bound Driveway?

The Longest Lasting Driveway

The quality of resin driveways is undeniable, and the they will last for many years to come. The materials used in every installation has a degree of flexibility which allows for small heating and cooling movements. As time goes by, the driveway will cope with the cold and heat without cracking.

Environmentally Friendly Driveways

The amount of rain recently has led to government restrictions on homeowners to prevent them changing the drainage pattern of their property if they are covering soil/grassy areas which help the water drain in a natural fashion.

Our driveways will allow water to soak away naturally.



UV Stable Resin

We provide a UV stable option for our driveways ensuring that your new drive looks great for years.

Regardless of whether your driveway receives sun or shade, our UV filter will stop the sun from fading your new driveway.

The Safest Driveway

Unlike concrete or tarmac driveways, a resin bound surface is less slippery. The team can apply anti-slip materials in those areas which are high-risk to help reduce slipping and falls.

Benefits of Resin Bound Driveways

  • Strong and durable - Lasts for many years
  • Slip-resistant - Extra anti-slip available
  • Low maintenance - Easy to care for
  • Multiple colour choices - Lots of variety
  • Permeable surface - SuDS compliant
  • Smooth finish - Hand finished with anti-slip
  • Professional installation - By experts
  • Puddle free - Water drains through the surface
  • Weed resistant - Stop weeds from causing damage to your driveway
  • Custom design - To suit your home

Sample Colours

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